Ballet & Adult Ballet


Ballet begins at age 2.5 in a very relaxed way.  The children are introduced to this lovely art form using dance movement to well known music from sources such as Disney, charts, children’s tv programmes etc.  This encourages them to have fun whilst learning.

Older children learn in a more traditional fashion but still have fun by dancing to more familiar music to them and occasional use of the more traditional, but familiar classical compositions.  They begin to learn the theory, ie converting French ballet terms into English, the discipline & technique etc

Character/Mime:  This is where a story is told in dance using body movements and facial expressions.  Younger children begin by pretending to be animals, characters from their favorite stories.  Older children develop this  and also learn how to tell a story by mime alone without music, eg: an extract from a fairy story, performing a job such as window cleaning, hairdressing etc.


Many of us as children have had ballet lessons.  This time, whether you have or not, you can learn Ballet in a friendly environment.  The Royal Academy of Dancing, the UK’s leading Ballet training school, has realized how important it is to offer all forms of dance to every age group and have now opened Ballet to the more mature of us.  Yes we do focus on technique, yes we do focus on posture, yes we do focus on core strength as these all help whether you just want to improve your sense of well-being or aim to become our next Darcey Bussell!  We don’t mind.  Don’t feel like you can’t give it a go.  You won’t know until you try.  It’s NEVER too late!